Dental Diseases

Dental Problems Commonly Encountered

Dental problems can be insidious, hardly noticeable and if left untreated, causing a great deal of inconvenience besides affecting your health badly. Dental problems affect gums, inner tissues of the mouth and teeth, ranging from mild ulcers to cancer. Dental problems can be categorized as Dental Caries, Periodontitis and Gingivitis that, in one way or the other, have an impact on your health. Most of the common dental problems can be avoided by taking precautions and care.

Common Dental Problems

Bad breath or halitosis is the result of bacteria multiplying in the oral cavity and generating volatile sulphur compounds. Foods, improper brushing and lack of oral cleanliness as also certain diseases can cause or exacerbate the situation. Regular cleaning and removing food particles keeps halitosis at bay. Periodontal or gum disease is another dental problem caused by lack of oral hygiene resulting in swollen gums, infections, receding gums causing bad breath, bleeding and loose teeth. Plaque is another common dental problem. Bacteria and germs collect to form plaque that, if left untreated, hardens to tartar. Gingivitis is another dental problem causing gums to be inflamed or swollen by the action of plaque and tartar, progressing to periodontitis that damages both hard and soft tissues in the oral cavity. Stress and heredity can cause canker sores in the mouth, a common dental problem. Herpes is another problem, usually acquired through direct contact with an infected person, causing lesions and blisters.

Receding gums expose the root of the tooth which is not covered by protective enamel and is damaged by acids in the food and bacteria, causing the tooth to become sensitive and give pain whenever you bite on something hard or eat anything sour, hot or cold, a common dental problem.

Not everyone is fastidious about cleaning teeth and this results in decayed and stained teeth. Some adults grind their teeth, which erodes the protective enamel and shortens the teeth. Formation of cavities in teeth is another common dental problem, causing spaces in the teeth and damage to tooth enamel.

Impacted, crooked wisdom teeth are also common.

Common Dental Problems in Children

Common dental problems in children start when they are bottle feeding since lactose in milk is converted to sugars that breed bacteria that erode teeth. Teething is a testing time for babies, causing pain and discomfort, a common dental problem in children. Even though children’s teeth have an enamel coating, acids formed by sugar leftovers can breed bacteria and cause tooth decay and cavities and damage to dentin core. Acids and sugars cause tooth enamel erosion, a widespread problem in children. Untreated plaque causes tartar that can result in gingivitis and bleeding. Some children get into the habit of sucking their thumb that can cause teeth to protrude outwards. Gums can develop sores and ulcers, causing irritation. Since children are active and play a lot, they can sustain accidents that can cause teeth to be knocked out. In children and adults, dental problems can be avoided by proper dental hygiene practices started at a young age.