“WHAT TYPES OF PRODUCTS ARE AVAILABLE AT Alternative-Medicine-Info.com?”
Almost any product you may want or desire related to alternative medicine can be found through this website! Though Alternative-Medicine-Info.com does not actually sell these products, countless hours of research has been done to gather this product information for your benefit. Because of that, you will NOT have to spend long, wasted hours searching the Internet for these links. The work is completely done for you and we all know that time is money! As a member, you will find all of this information in one easy location: Alternative-Medicine-Info.com. In our Products section, we will offer links to over 100 hard-to-find, alternative medicine online retailers selling these quality products, such as 4LIFE Research, WheatGrass for Life, Herbal Harvest, Foothills Health, Back to Nature, Primavera Life Essential Oils, etc. Not only have these sites been investigated and carefully examined to uphold the highest standards in excellence, we promise to continually maintain Alternative-Medicine-Info.com with new, fresh links as well as remove the old and non-reputable sites.

Preferred Link “What discounts are available to members?”
Alternative-Medicine-Info.com has negotiated valuable discounts with some of the providers listed on this website. Saving of 10%, 15% or even 20% are available only to Alternative-Medicine-Info.com members and through this web site. Look for the SPECIAL SAVINGS icon for companies that offer discounts to Alternative-Medicine-Info.com members.

“WHAT TYPE OF PROVIDERS ARE AVAILABLE AT Alternative-Medicine-Info.com?”
Providers listed on the Alternative-Medicine-Info.com website have incorporated the philosophy of alternative medicine, complementary medicine, and/or integrative medicine into their practice. They have a holistic approach to medicine that considers healing of the whole body – mind, body, and spirit – vital to wholeness and health. These special providers are listed by state or by their name. Along with that, you are given the name, address, phone number, e-mail address, website, and specialty description of over 300+ providers across the United States. If you are looking for a provider specializing in cranial sacral therapy or traditional Chinese medicine, you will be able to identify that as well. Please know that much energy went into researching and finding the key data on these providers. The best news is that we have all of this information right here at your fingertips!

Devin A Mikles, MD, medical spokesperson for Alternative-Medicine-Info.com, writes a monthly, detailed article on a selected topic of choice within the arena of alternative medicine, complementary medicine, and/or integrative medicine. As a member, you will be able to read these articles and also recommend a special topic that would be especially helpful for you or one of your family members. This would occur through the Alternative Medicine Forum. In addition to this, hundreds of reference links are available to you on Alternative-Medicine-Info.com for educational, research, professional, or other alternative medicine related sites.